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Key Features

French Swing Door Series

  • Beveled, multi-chambered extruded vinyl improves energy efficiency while providing an aesthetic look
  • Ergonomic handle with dual point locking system for easy operation
  • Steel and aluminum reinforcement for structural integrity
  • Fusion welded corners for strength and stability
  • Heavy duty aluminum rail system for smooth operation
  • 5-5/8″ frame depth engineered to host heavier insulated glass units
  • Side-lite configurations are available and can be fixed or operable
  • In-swing or out-swing operation for French swing doors are available and can be fixed or operable
  • Even sight lines for a balanced look
  • STC rated for low sound transmission
  • Duralite spacer enhances thermal performance of glass components
  • insulated glass unit featuring LoE3 glass 1″
  • Optional Triple Pane glass for increased thermal performance
  • Optional DuraPane glass for increased thermal performance and impact resistance 
  • Argon gas filled chambers for low heat transfer through the glass package

French swing doors feature 1 or more panels that swing outward or inward & from the left or right

Handles & Locks

French Swing doors feature outstanding vinyl construction, attractive hardware in a variety of finishes, and much more.

  • Premium hardware in a variety of finishes
  • Optional sidelite configurations and hardware
  • Tamper resistant door hinges

French Swing Door Handle

French Swing Door Sidelite Latches

French Swing Door Hinge

5000 Series

French Swing Door also available in 5000 Series